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United Maple Logistics Inc.

The more prominent the global market becomes, the more important it is for your business to connect with partners all over the world; You provide them with your quality products and they bring you the best resources for your company to thrive. Though being a local success is fine for some people, to succeed nationally, internationally, you need someone special to handle your logistics.  

You need someone efficient, someone experienced and someone with energy. Someone who knows the best way to import and export what you offer to the people who need it. Someone like United Maple Logistics Inc.

We at United Maple Logistics Inc. deliver fully integrated door-to-door import and export services that send your products over ocean, air, rail, land... whatever optimal for delivering them to where they need to go. We provide our customers with competitive rates, a variety of carrier choices, and an extensive understanding of the various systems used by ports and shipping lines that makes all interactions as smooth as possible. Our staff’s years of experience in the logistics industry allow us to respond to all our customers’ detailed requirements immediately, delivering the best solutions to you.

Our head office in Vancouver, BC, serves as a gateway to the markets of both North America and the Pacific Rim. We have affiliated offices in Canada’s other major cities and strong ties with numerous overseas partners. Thanks to these connections, we can import and export cargo between across Canada and anywhere in the world – the extensive global network to satisfy you, our worldwide customers.

It is this dedication to service that has made us one of the best logistics providers all over North America and the Pacific. To energize your international dealings, turn to United Maple Logistics.