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We at United Maple are known for both reliability and adaptability. Our clients can rely on us to efficiently deliver all their shipments and to modify our services to best accommodate their particular needs. Not only do we offer a wide variety of transportation methods, but we also provide numerous additional quality services that make sure all your products are well looked-after.

While some logistics companies focus on only a few methods of importing and exporting products, United Maple prides itself in providing our clients with numerous carrier choices, from air to land to sea. We are highly adaptable and any of these options can be combined together, such as sending a shipment in a ship across the ocean then in a truck across country. We use whatever methods best suit the job at hand.

The forms of transport we provide include:

  • Land: The most straightforward method. Thanks to our door-to-door delivery and experience with all the best routes, your products get sent directly to where they need to go quickly and efficiently. 
  • Rail: Our access to an extensive rail network means products can be placed on the right line to be sent reliably to their destination. We can easily accommodate any shipment volume, utilizing either single cars or block trains, whichever works best with that particular shipment size.
  • Ocean: Our services cover the full spectrum of full-container load, less-container load, oversized cargo container load, and dry break-bulk cargo. Furthermore, thanks to our extensive understanding of ports and shipping lines, not to mention our extensive contacts with numerous overseas partners, your products can be efficiently shipped to anywhere in the world.
  • Air: For fast delivery, it’s hard to beat air transport. Our options include priority services (1-2 days transport) as well as standard (3-4 days) and economy (5-6). Whichever choice best suits your needs.

We make certain to use whichever method or combination of methods is best for your deliveries. 

Not only is your shipment sent via the method that best suits it, but we also make certain that every stage of its trip is dealt with efficiently and effectively. We at United Maple pride ourselves in providing the best service to all our clients, which includes:

  • Door-to-Door Delivery: United Maple can deliver directly to the door within any Canadian city, large or small. No hassles for you or your clients; we take care of everything.
  • Cargo Insurance: We prove insurance service if requiredtransport and deliver so that even if an accident happens, you’re taken care of.
  • Consolidation:Your LCL shipment will be put in our own consolidated containers;Ystatus without needing to worry about the efficiency of any other carriers. We will quickly and efficiently notify you when your products departure and
  • Customs Clearance & Cross-Border Services: We provide a full consultation customs clearance service with our good experience moving shipments from one specific county to another. Wstrictly picked customs broker, we provide reliable Customs clearance and related services for international shipments. We can efficiently transport your products across borders and through customs with a minimum of hassle.
  • Freight Forwarding: United Maple’s extensive experience in supply chain management means we know how to best organize all types resources to efficiently move products from the manufacturer to the customer.
  • Warehousing and Distribution: We provide excellent cross-dock services, including sorting, labelling, packaging,  palletizing,  storage,  inventory management and delivery
  • Full documentation service: We provide full documentation service including but not limit to letter of credit, Advanced Cargo Information Filing (ACI) , Canadian Automated Export Declaration (CAED), and Certificate of Origin ( COO).
  • Supply Chain Management: We have developed many logistics solutions that address your entire supply chain. We provide the best solutions for reducing supply chain costs, shortening transportation times, and enhancing your overall productivity.